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Membership Types and Fees

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Join the lively community of science communicators and public engagament professionals.

The current membership fees for ordinary members are defined as follows:

Ordinary Eusea members

Ordinary Eusea members are institutions/companies (not persons), which organise and/or participate in “science engagement activities” such as science festivals, science weeks, researchers’ nights, science cafés etc. If the yearly expenses for organizing/promoting science engagement activities including personnel costs exceed € 250.000, the yearly fee is € 350; if below, the fee is € 250. In special cases, the member can apply to the Board for a lower fee.

Extraordinary Eusea members

Extraordinary Eusea members are those institutions/companies or persons, who are just interested in these activities and want to participate in the communities’ discussions and events. The current membership fee for corporate bodies as extraordinary members is € 150. The current membership fee for persons as extraordinary members is € 75.

Sponsoring members

Sponsoring Eusea members are those institutions/companies or persons, who assist Eusea and its members in their activities with different means and methods. Fees for sponsoring members are defined mutually.

Honorary Eusea members

Honorary Eusea members are appointed by the General Assembly for their special work for the association.