DATE: July 29, 12.00 – July 30, 15.00.

PLACE: Vetenskap & Allmänhet, Stockholm, Sweden

PARTICIPANTS: EUSEA Board members and NUCLEUS Project Officer, EUSEA members who are interested in contributing to the discussion, SUSTAIN Project Coordinators.

COSTS: Travel and accommodation costs will be covered for those EUSEA members who applied and were selected to join in.


The aim of this workshop is to co-create an attractive, user-friendly and accessible EUSEA Science Engagement Platform, which will be part of the EUSEA Website. A first version of this platform is available here:

The new platform will unite and showcase the most inspiring and innovative ways to engage science with different publics. Presenting activities of EUSEA members across Europe plus examples from successful European projects, the platform will serve professionals and the public in their needs to find inspiration, methods and tools for running science engagement and/or science communication activities in various national contexts.

With a strong focus on RRI and Open Science, the EUSEA Science Engagement Platform will showcase practical examples from the NUCLEUS and the SUSTAIN projects, both of which strive to implement multi-stakeholder RRI-processes into the governance and culture of research and innovation processes.

Questions to be addressed during the Workshop

  1. Why do we need a European Science Engagement Platform?
  2. What are the main target groups of the new platform?
  3. How can we best meet the needs of these defined target groups?
  4. How can we use the platform to support RRI-related multi-stakeholder engagement processes in universities and Higher Education Institutions?
  5. Which examples do we consider most relevant for a presentation on the platform?
  6. How can the structure of the platform be developed to make it easily accessible and workable for professionals and lay audiences?
  7. Which kinds of search functions do we want to offer?

An Agenda will be shared shortly.

WHAT CAN I DO TO ATTEND? Please send an email to until July 5, answering three questions:

  • Who am I and what is my relation to EUSEA?
  • Why am I interesed in this workshop?
  • What can I contribute to the platform?

ORGANISERS: EUSEA (Annette Klinkert, Andrea Troncoso)