Moscow’s All Russia Science Festival is inviting EUSEA members to participate in this year’s event, October 11-13, with presentations related to the Periodic Table!

This the invitation from our colleagues in Moscow:

“All Russia Science Festival is the biggest opportunity for science engagement since it involves over 300 cities, hundreds of Universities, research centers of Russian Academy of Sciences, science museums, innovations centers and so on.

The heart of All Russia Science Festival is Moscow with the main venue in Lomonosov Moscow State University where first ever science festival of Russia was organized. In 2018 we already have got almost 1 million visitors.

What makes our Science Festival so attractive for the public of any age?

First of all, the festival is a celebration of science. We try to show the importance and beauty of science through the meetings with researchers, public talks of outstanding scientists, interactive exhibitions, presentations, hot discussion, teleconferences with CERN, International Space Station, cpmpetition of young researchers,  science journalists, creative teams from the schools and so on. Every year visitors of Science Festival may meet scientists from different cuntries. This year also we expect famous scientists from Germany, Italy, USA, UK, France, Norway, Sweden, China, Greece and other countries. We hope to enlarge the international part of our Science Festival.

And here is the idea:

This year’s Science Festival will be dedicated to the anniversary of the Periodic Table. If you are a science festival team in your country and you also will celebrate the anniversary of Periopic Table, join is in Moscow at October 11 -13: Send your proposal of the fruiful event – public talk, interactive exhibition, presentation, science show.. If your proposal will be selected, you will be invited to Moscow, we will take care of your visa invitation, tickets and accomodation.”

Please send your proposal until 31 July to Viola Egikova with the motto “Periodic Table”: Viola will also provide you all further necessary information.