Happy Birthday EUSEA – Sweet 17 Today!

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Peter Rebernik, the “Founding Father” and certainly the most important accelerator of our dynamic network, just highlighted a very important date in our association’s history: It was a spring day in Gothenborg on April 4, 2001, when the idea arose to form an association called “EUSCEA”. The formal registration was done later that year in Vienna, but this meeting can be called the “birth hour” of our organisation. This means that we can now celebrate our 17th birthday! As Peter states, “originally, we just wanted to submit a project of science events to the European Commission, but Mikkel (Bohm) and I had the idea to first form an association.” The main participants of this first meeting were, according to Peter: Joachim Lerch, Germany – he was the main inviter; Mikkel Bohm, Denmark; Magdalena Fikus, Poland; Janeke Voltman, Netherlands; Annika Lotzman-Dahl, Sweden – she was the host of the meeting, and Peter Rebernik, Austria. A big “Thank You” goes to all these “Founding Mothers and Fathers”, without whom we would not be such a swirling community, embracing more than 100 members all over Europe and beyond. Please enjoy some pictures of this first meeting, from Peter Rebernik’s archive: […]

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Call for Proposals for the EUSEA Conference 2018 in Madrid!

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Welcome to the “European Science Engagement Conference 2018”! From 17-18 May 2018 we will meet in the beautiful Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, Spain. Our hosts will be the Fundación para el Conocimiento madri+d.  Find more information here:  EUSEA Annual Conference 2018 in Madrid. The call for proposals is open until 15 December 2017 – we are looking forward to your ideas and contributions:!   […]

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Eusea Annual Conference 2017

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EUSEA member KU Leuven is happy to welcome you at the beautiful city of Leuven from May, 29-30 2017. Situated in the heart of Western Europe, KU Leuven has been a centre of learning for almost six centuries. Founded in 1425 by Pope Martin V, KU Leuven bears the double honour of being the oldest extant [...]

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