Project Description

The EUSEA Project, 2WAYS, was active for two years from 1 January 2009 to 31 December 2010 after the GRAND FINALS in Brussels.
This project gave a chance to EUSEA members to add to their festivals or special science events increased visibility to their local/national governments and parliaments, to know more about the impact, which their festivals have on the visitors and to connect with other members and with modern science projects. 29 EUSEA members joined on this new road for European festivals and all other science communication events!
“Pairs of Partners” developed together new presentations and show(ed) them in their festivals.
EUSEA promoted modern, up-to-date science in the field of “Life Sciences”, new science projects together with scientists to show to the European audience what modern science is all about. And 2WAYS also developed a method to analyse the impact of the presentations on the audience.
The selected EUSEA members participated in this two-years project 2WAYS, whose main parts are:

  • Launch Event in Perugia, Italy, 17 May 2009
  • Science presentations at the local festivals or special science engagement events of the Pairs of Partners
  • Science Parliaments for our young pupils about controversial, scientific and ethical issues in life sciences
  • Impact Comparison Study
  • Grand Finals in Brussels at the European Parliament with the first Young Europeans Science Parliament and in the Natural History Museum on 30 November and 1 December 2010

Each Pair of Partners selected one recent peer-reviewed European science project, and developed together a concept for a new science presentation.
50 Partners with 30 science communication projects applied. The Jury (Science Advisory Board and the Project Management Team) discussed all proposals in detail and selected 17 projects from 29 Partners (4 Partners will organise two projects).
The Project Management Team consisted for the following organisations, their representatives, each of them responsible for a different work package and also participating as Partner with festivals and science parliament:

  • Belén Lopez, Talència, Barcelona, ES, responsible for the work package “Scientific Quality & Call”
  • Dafna Efron, Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem, IL, responsible for the “Finals Event”
  • Herbert Münder, Wissenschaft im Dialog, Berlin, DE, responsible for the “Science Parliaments”
  • Jan Riise, Agadem AB, Göteborg, SE, responsible for “Communication”
  • Mikkel Bohm and Karen Gemal, Dansk Naturvidenskapsformidling, Copenhagen, DK, responsible for the “2WAYS Exchange”
  • Paula Havaste, Heureka, Finnish Science Centre, Vantaa, FI, responsible for the “Impact Assessment Study”
  • Peter Rebernik, EUSEA General Secretary, Vienna, AT, Coordinator of 2WAYS