Welcome to the European Science Engagement Conference, 9-10 May 2019

Join us in beautiful Vienna, for two days full of discussions, debates, talks, sessions and workshops. Boost your collaborations and networking opportunities with colleagues from Europe and beyond! The European Science Engagement Conference 2019 invites public engagement specialists, science communication experts and practitioners from around the world. Our hosts this year will be OPEN SCIENCE and SCIENCE CENTER NETWORK in Vienna.

Registration is open, please register via this link:


Fees’ information:

EUSEA Conference Fee for Non-Members: 400€

EUSEA Conference Fee for Members: 300€

Students: 150€

Preconference Training: 100€ for Members and Non-Members

Preconference workshops: 30€ for Members and Non-Members

See you all soon at #EUSEA19!

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